Rollercoaster Rush Game

A rollercoaster game that demands a perfect balance of skill and restraint

Wanted: Rollercoaster Brakesman

Have you ever applied for the job of rollercoaster brake man and been accepted? The answer to this cannot be yes because such a whimsical vacancy does not exist. Ok, it does exist, but only if you’ve decided to play Rollercoaster Rush, a free-to-play flash game (with optional premium content) from the ever-productive developers at Digital Chocolate. Perhaps you tire of the overarching management-based responsibility of games like Theme Park and want to just have your skills and reactions tested instead? Rollercoaster Rush can arrange this for you. It’s by no means a game that can entertain for days, but I’ll go ahead and explain why it’s worth at least ten minutes of your time.

Release Date: 27/06/2012

Portal Rating: 4.0/5

Rollercoaster Rush is developed by Digital Chocolate.

Side-Scroll to Funtown

Ok, so being a Rollercoaster Brakesman isn’t a real thing that happens, but for the purposes of this game it becomes one – the core mechanics hinge on the very existence of this fictional job. The gameplay involves guiding a rollercoaster across a 2D track in a format that’s no different from any other classic side-scroller you may have played. You have to control the speed of the rollercoaster with view to ensuring that the passengers have as thrilling a time as they can whilst still maintaining their safety.

In order to strike this delicate balance, you have to accelerate and decelerate when you feel is appropriate. Using the right-arrow key, you can speed up the coaster, paying attention to the speed bar at the top (measured in MPH). The faster you get the coaster to go, the more thrilled your passengers will be. In order to prevent certain disaster however, you also have to use the brakes by pressing the left-arrow key. It is through maintaining this careful balance between the enjoyment of your passengers and their safety that you yourself will derive a certain level of enjoyment. Isn’t that poetic.  

Smile if you Want to Go Faster

This is a flash game so don’t go expecting any sort of serious depth to the proceedings, but you can look forward to multiple levels of rollercoaster enjoyment, unlocking more levels as you (hopefully) perform more impressively each time. There’s a scoring system that awards you a number of stars at the end of the level based on your performance. The obvious aim here is to get as many stars as possible, and you do this by making sure that those tiny little smile icons come out of your highly-thrilled passengers as often as possible – the wideness of the smiles also count for something!

So the general aim of this game is to thrill your passengers as much as possible (preferably to the extent that they are feeling like they want to puke like in the old-school PC title Rollercoaster Tycoon Deluxe) , but how thrilled was I with the content? I would say medium-ly thrilled. There are 15 levels in total to play for free, with more available if you wish to download and install the game. To enjoy the full whack of content, you’ll be paying $6.99, but this is entirely optional and depends on whether you really want more than 15 levels of this mild-mannered yet addictive skills-based game.

You might have gathered by now that Rollercoaster Rush isn’t a record-breaking or even a ground-breaking game. It’s a standard flash game in pretty much every respect, but it is one that’s quite enjoyable and, well, it contains rollercoaster shenanigans, which is enough to at least pique my interest.

It’s got the graphics of a flash game as well, though one that’s obviously had a little bit of care and attention applied to it. The tracks are nice and varied, and the backgrounds are, well, actually not that great, but hey, it’s only a flash game, remember? Don’t expect a genuine reproduction of Alton Towers, or anything of the sort. Sound effects wise, things are pretty standard flash-fodder as well, with the cheesy funk music typical of these kinds of flash games playing in between levels. Still, you don’t play flash games for their epic musical overtures, do you? If you do, you’re making big errors in your life that I can’t really fix for you. If you’re after a decent rollercoaster game to help you pass a bit of time however, Rollercoaster Rush is a perfectly respectable place to start.